Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to  stop a client push installation in Configuration Manager

There is a very big red stop button, it's called follow this process and stop the activity immediately.
Perform the following bulleted steps on the Site server that you want the Client Push to cease on:
  • Stop the SMS_EXECUTIVE
  • Go to <CONFIGMGR PATH>\INBOXES\CCR.BOX and delete all CCR files
  • Go to <CONFIGMGR PATH>\INBOXES\CCR.BOX\INPROC and delete all CCR files
  • Go to <CONFIGMGR PATH>\INBOXES\CCRRETRY.BOX and delete all CCR files
  • Start the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER (wait a few moments, it'll start the SMS_EXECUTIVE automagically)
  • Monitor the CCM.LOG in <CONFIGMGR PATH>\LOGS and you'll see the activity has died off.
If you get a build up again check your Discovery methods, could be that you are doing (AD) discovery and CCR's are being generated as a result.

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